International Youth Conference Model United Nations Tetouan / Morocco Mr.Abdelmajid El idrissi

The Youth Conference Model United Nations Tetouan 2023 reaches its seventh session Over the course of three days, March 12, 13 and 14, 2023, the Judge Ayyad Hall in the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of National Education Tetouan and a number of its educational spaces hosted the seventh edition of the Youth Conference Model United Nations Tetouan, a cultural and educational youth demonstration to develop life skills and develop youth capabilities in advocacy, rhetoric and diplomacy.

Youth Conference Model
Youth Conference Model


The demonstration was hosted by the Imam Al-Ghazali Qualifying High School, in cooperation with the Model United Nations Youth Council and in coordination with the United Nations Information Center in Rabat.Supervision by the Regional Directorate of Tetouan and with the support of a number of construction partners from educational, social and economic actors.


The seventh session of the conference dealt with the topic of “gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls”, the fifth goal of the sustainable development goals.

Where the participants discussed the repercussions of the issue at the level of a number of countries and through five sensitive councils in the United Nations, they concluded decisions stemming from their future vision of the issue. The conference constituted an exercise in democracy and awareness of international issues and collective thinking in solutions to issues of gender equality. The conference ended with recommendations and proposals for solutions that will be included in a report submitted to the direct national and external officials on the subject in order to make the voice of youth heard and their participation in societal and international discussions on the subject.


Returning to the themes of the topic, the participants addressed the issue in six major themes, in which the participants pleaded:

• The status of Sahrawi women in detention and shame camps in Algeria Violation of human rights charters in the •Russian-Ukrainian war
•The issue of gender •equality in inheritance •Discrimination in the right to education in sub-Saharan countries
•Political and leadership empowerment of women
•The role of women in economic and social development

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